Could The 2012 Olympic Basketball Team Beat The Dream Team? (Answered!)

This essay was written by former NBA player Paul Shirley.  You can follow him on twitter here, and purchase his book about his time in the NBA as a twelfth man, here. The most popular question relating to the 2012 … (Continue Reading…)

Chasing The Major League Baseball Dragon

It was a warm Friday night in San Diego, and I sat in the bullpen of Tony Gwynn stadium, home of the San Diego State Aztecs, cleaning my cleats in case I got the call to get hot.  Next to … (Continue Reading…)

Saving Music, One Collaboration at a Time

I was in my car the other day and heard the DJ say, “Alriiiiiiight here’s that HOT new hit from Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa ‘Payphone’!”  First of all, let me just say that if a song is played on … (Continue Reading…)

The Mystery Of The Transvestite And The Stolen Car – Tales From The Valet Stand

Ryan Walter has valeted off and on for approximately waaaaaay too long.  During that time he amassed quite a few enjoyable stories.  Today he shares this one with us. I’ve valeted for literally eons.  Most recently at the W hotel in … (Continue Reading…)

Not going to hell just got even easier

Today is Ash Wednesday.  You will probably see some people at work or on the street with ash on their foreheads that will cause you to silently look to the nearest friend or co-worker and ask each other, via silent … (Continue Reading…)

Someone Stop Me From Throwing Away My Ph.D To Do Stand Up Comedy

This essay was written by Jonothan Zalay. He’s performed stand-up at clubs around the country for the last 7 years, while also getting his Ph.D. in Neuro-science.  You can follow him on twitter here.     May 20, 2012, five … (Continue Reading…)

How Would The Country React If The Best Quarterback In The League Was A Satanist?

This piece of fiction was written by Tom Oatmeal.  You can read more of his stuff at And now another Superbowl has come and gone, leaving sports fans to choose between sobriety, hockey, or this injury-ridden, coke-binge of an … (Continue Reading…)

Paula Deen Is Lying To You

This piece was written by Lindsay Goldenberg.  She has written for Maxim, Rolling Stone, and several other magazines that she’s too lazy to list but that would totally make you think she’s cool.  You can follow her on twitter, here. … (Continue Reading…)

A Trip To See The Worst Movie Ever Made

This piece was written by Joe Donatelli.  You can find more of Joe’s work at wholesale cigars   The Laemmle Sunset 5 theater in Los Angeles has closed. This is a serious blow to those of us who live … (Continue Reading…)

Please Don’t Let My Prom Date Blow You

Writer Patrick Schumacker (@pmschumacker) shares an essay he wrote about his disastrous junior prom. creative suite 5.5 Please Don’t Let My Prom Date Blow You by Patrick Schumacker.   By spring of my junior year in high school, I’d been … (Continue Reading…)