Could The 2012 Olympic Basketball Team Beat The Dream Team? (Answered!)

This essay was written by former NBA player Paul Shirley.  You can follow him on twitter here, and purchase his book about his time in the NBA as a twelfth man, here. The most popular question relating to the 2012 … (Continue Reading…)

Chasing The Major League Baseball Dragon

It was a warm Friday night in San Diego, and I sat in the bullpen of Tony Gwynn stadium, home of the San Diego State Aztecs, cleaning my cleats in case I got the call to get hot.  Next to … (Continue Reading…)

Mitt Romney Reviews The Dark Knight Rises

We here at These Fries Are Good love to hear from the fans, so we were honored when Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney asked us if he could review the The Dark Knight Rises. adobe flash cs6 download By Mitt Romney … (Continue Reading…)

Hey, Look, it’s the two worst people in the world!

  Both of these girls would make AMAZING investment bankers.  I love how the second girls was just like “nah, fuck it, show my face.  I don’t need no picture scramblin’! I want people to know I’M ALL ABOUT MONEY.” … (Continue Reading…)

The “I Suck At Girls” Book Tour

On Tuesday, May 15th, my second book “I Suck At Girls” comes out.  I will be going on a book tour for the next three weeks, and would love it if you could come out.  Even if you just want … (Continue Reading…)

A world champion of douchebaggery

I think my favorite part is when he starts listing the different names he calls women, and you can TELL he could keep going for another two or three minutes, but a producer in the background was probably flashing a … (Continue Reading…)

Should I Hate You Because Your Mommy And Daddy Are Famous? A Discussion Of Nepotism In Hollywood.

My wife and I are addicted to the HBO show “Game Of Thrones,” which, to describe simplistically for the purposes of this, takes place in sort of an alternate medieval times, and when the King of the realm dies his … (Continue Reading…)

An Oral History Of The Time We Caught My College Roommate Masturbating

Oral histories are all the rage right now, and rightfully so.  It’s a really engaging way to recall an event using just the words of the people involved.  So with that in mind, I called up all my old college … (Continue Reading…)

If Advertisements Were Truthful

I used to work for a company that was shameless in their attempts to shove bullshitty ads down people’s throats.  So, every so often, almost as a way to cleanse my soul of that garbage, I like to make truthful … (Continue Reading…)

Mitt Romney Reviews “The Hunger Games”

We hear at These Fries Are Good like to think of ourselves as a forum for people to express themselves.  That’s why we were overjoyed when Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney asked us if he could review “The Hunger Games” on … (Continue Reading…)