Ball So Hard University

In honor of March Maddness TheseFries thought it was only appropriate to make a gallery of “White Guys Getting Dunked On”.  That quickly turned into “Shawn Bradley Getting Dunked On”.  Then it became “An Homage To My Favorite Player In … (Continue Reading…)

Sunburning Love

As many of you crazy college kids flock to the beaches for Spring Break, as I sit on the couch watching the Red Dawn remake, it is important to remember to pack your sunscreen. I usually opt for the sport … (Continue Reading…)

Fat Cats

I may not be a cat person, but I am a fat cat person. Here are some of the best/fattest cats I have ever seen.  Keep the lasagna coming! write essay for me zp8497586rq

A Letter to the Dean

I wrote a letter to the Dean of my college asking for his permission to let one of my classes visit a high ropes course. I'm a communications major, so we rarely do academic things. Here is the letter, I … (Continue Reading…)

Thesefries Are Jolly

Well boys and girls, Christmas is right around the corner! I know this because Starbucks has stopped serving pumpkin stuff and broke out the peppermint stuff! Here is a gallery to get you into the Christmas spirit. get ex back … (Continue Reading…)

Closed Caption Pornography

Have you ever wondered how the deaf enjoy pornographic films? Written and directed by Ben Jurney Filmed by Hannah Levy Edited by Hannah Levy, Ben Jurney, and Fran Hoepfner Featuring: Scott Meyers as “Ralph Jode” how can i get my … (Continue Reading…)

Blake and the Giant Bird

Our buddy Vince Mancini, editor of the the always entertaining wrote this awesome story for us. We love sweet potato fries too.   I wasn’t planning for every story I write for this site to be about strange encounters I’ve … (Continue Reading…)

Closed Captioning Typos

I’m really glad that I’m not deaf. Closed captioning is literally the worst thing in the world. I want to watch TV, not read a book. What is this, the 1920′s?! Occasionally, closed captioning can offer some unintentional entertainment. Here … (Continue Reading…)

Misinterpreted Warning Signs

It’s very important to pay attention to warning signs. Read them thoroughly, and abide by their rules. However, here are a few signs that could be misinterpreted.   

To Serve and Protect

You have the right to remain silly. Here are a few cops who aren’t afraid to take it to the streets.