10 pictures of creative helmets

  Kids these days think they are invincible, like Robocop or Kevin Costner, but the truth is 80 percent of our brains are made up of thinker cells, thats how we formulate ideas. This fact makes it clear that cranial trauma prevention is extremely important. … (Continue Reading…)

Thursday Picture Gallery: 13 Pictures of sweeeeee-heeeeet wheelies

mac software download Despite all of the fancy maneuvers people like Travis Pastrami and Justin Beiber are doing these days, I still truly believe that the wheelie is THEE sweetest move of all time. Its a classic.  Maaaaan…. poppin' that … (Continue Reading…)

thursday picture gallery: 10 wannabe gangsters

professional resume writing service  First of all I know nothing about what it takes to live a thug life…  I mean.. I have had my share of run-ins with the cops.. and I'm not afraid to “Let a bitch know” … (Continue Reading…)

Geeeezus! Relax Mr. Skeptical! No I can’t see your arm…Look…can you just trust me?!! This is gonna work.

Thursday picture gallery: 11 odd beachgoers

  Summer time is finally here!… I’ve suffered through another California winter, bundled up in T shirt upon T shirt. We all  know what summertime  entails. Barbeques, bikinis, poolside forties, a freezer full of Otterpops, and OF COURSE enjoying the … (Continue Reading…)

"No way! uh ha.. and then what did you say?… then what did she say?… Yeah right!"

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Thursday Picture Gallery: 10 pictures of hard core goats

      Out of ALL of the animals on the farm, it is easy for anyone with at least an 8th grade education to conclude that the goats are the coolest. (Panthers don’t live on farms so don’t say … (Continue Reading…)

Lets finally agree on 2 things: Gary Busey and Nick Nolte are the same person, and kids need to quit selling gift wrap door to door.

The other night at about 7:00pm, just as it was starting to get dark, a child came to my door. The kid was probably about 10 years old and wanted to know if I was interested in buying some gift … (Continue Reading…)

10 heartwarming pictures of old people

                  Lots of different things warm my heart to a gentle simmer.  Like…  labradoodle puppies, whiskey, gin, any four dollar bottle of wine, a child’s laughter in small doses, or a long island … (Continue Reading…)