Why airports suck: A picture Gallery

I don’t mind flying, I just hate the airport.  It’s a terrible place filled with forced small talk and a mutual hatred between the people who work there, and everyday travelers.  I was stuck in the airport for about four hours longer than I needed to be.  While I was there, I bought a five dollar bag of trial mix, finished three magazines, and most likely contracted SARS.  If you hate dealing with shit at the airport, this gallery is for you.

"It's like that one OK GO video. Only way less exciting and we have to go to Cleveland after we wake up."


"Could you imagine if these had been around, we could have been deprived of Home Alone 2?'


"Ok kids, it's time to state our claim as creepiest family on the delayed flight to Denver!"


"Twilight sucks."


"Ma'am this isn't Southwest...You are going to have to put on some pants."


"Yeah, we'll just say how okay we are with him being gay in a sign, right at the airport! He'll totally think that's cool and not at all AWKWARD AS FUCK."


"Okay girls, daddy needs to take a little nap before a very serious business meeting where the bonus he could get could pay for your college..."

"Now no one comes in...no one goes out..."


"Fuckin' Chili's drink vouchers..."

Kevin thought he would lighten the mood with a simple, "At least buy me dinner first," joke. He then underwent an entire anal cavity search.


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