To Serve and Protect

You have the right to remain silly. Here are a few cops who aren’t afraid to take it to the streets.

“What is that guy doing? Stealing that old woman’s purse? (Sigh)…I’ll get him later…”

“Do you have a license firearm, sir? What’s the Galactic Empire?”

“The Chief is NOT going to like this…”

“I thought I smelled bacon…”

“Just tell us what to do Superman, we are just two inept cops who have no control over the simplest situations.”

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it to the robbery…”

“What do I do Captain?!”
“Just give it a muffin, I read that somewhere.”
“I believe that will only work for a moose sir…”

“First arrest! You have the right to…to…pose for this picture real fast!”

“That’ll probably buff right out…”

“God this new zoom lense is fantastic! You can see every intricate detail…the sweat on his brow, the question of whether or not he should fire…”

“That’s it! I’m sick of park duty! I’m putting in transfer papers tomorrow!”
“I don’t know, Hank…I kind of enjoy it…”

One Response to To Serve and Protect

  1. I’ve got one for the storm trooper: “Sir, you know the droids have taken out a restraining order. You are being taken in for trying to look for them.”

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