Thursday Picture Gallery: Damn You Google Earth

"Ahhhhh...Ouuuuchie.... Dammit, I'm better than that. What a shitty turn. ...I hope...THE WHOLE WORLD didn't see that."

Google Earth is a helpful tool that you can use to do very important things like, look at a picture of your house and…look at a picture of your house.  Alright so it serves no purpose, except to catch people in very compromising situations.  Here are a handful of people that have probably found themselves exclaiming, “Damn You Google Earth!”

"Stare at it as long as you want man. Don't touch it unless you got the big bucks. Like I said..It's a dollar every 10 seconds."


Linus: "Charlie, Snoopy...Pull-The-Fuck-Over."

"Wait...OK...You're SUUURE I brought my baby? ....OK! Geeeez..I'll go look around. ...oh my god, wait... will you look at this top?!"


"OK. F*#@ the environment. I'm back to driving to work."


"My gang initiation was sorta fun and sorta awkward, but yea, I think it was worth it. They respect me now, which is nice."

Is this cyber-bullying?

"What? At least lay on the sidewalk? ...Ummmm ya great advice...then what am I gonna use for a pillow, IDIOT!!??

Now they have photographic evidence, prooving that they haven't had sex.

"You have no idea how much I hate my cell phone plan."


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