Thursday Picture Gallery: 13 Pictures of sweeeeee-heeeeet wheelies

“I said I think we just passed Meatloaf's house!”

Despite all of the fancy maneuvers people like Travis Pastrami and Justin Beiber are doing these days, I still truly believe that the wheelie is THEE sweetest move of all time. Its a classic. ¬†Maaaaan…. poppin' that front wheel off the ground and lettin' the world know “I'm creative and open minded! I don't live in a box! I DON'T CAAAARE how this bike was engineered to be ridden!!! I make my own rules! Stop being a bitch! Stop putting notices on my door! I'll pay my rent whenever I want!”

“Boom Mahfuckah!, thats how you start a fire!”

“Fucken 'slurpee James' spilled his slurpee all over my seat again.”

“Just trying to get a good look in the tank… ..Yep, looks like we got a little gas left.”

This guy is technically ALWAYS doing a wheelie…which….equals any chick he wants WHENEVER he wants. Simple math.

Not a bike but i think it would still be a wheelie if you measured it with a protractor. …Remember those? They measured angles or some shit.

“I better get this arugala to the farmers market pronto!”

“Man I can't wait for snow angel season!”

“Come back!.. Please!.. I want a FunDip real bad!”

“Get the fuck off of me Jessie Ventura!”

“Fuck!… ..Really?!”

“Hey girl! How you doin?”

Travis Pastrami


One Response to Thursday Picture Gallery: 13 Pictures of sweeeeee-heeeeet wheelies

  1. The arugula one made me laugh so hard, I cried. It is now one of my favorite things ever.