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"It's Simon's birthday?!" -Paula Abdul drunk on church wine somewhere

“It’s Simon’s birthday?!” -Paula Abdul drunk on church wine somewhere

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  1. Arie says:

    *ROUND OF APPLAUSE* indeed, I can alsomt imagine u stood in ur local tesco debating toilet paper vs milk or stood at the petrol station wondering if they would be willing to swap affor mentioned milk for fuel .and in the deepest recesses of my mind the scary yet commendable image of you eating soap powder on the bog whilst checking emails and updating ur spotlight!!!!Jokes aside its finally nice to see someone talking about the genuine struggles of a jobbing actor, not just the end result, .and as a actor doing the sole destroying 9 ta 5 thing its gd to know their are ppl with the determination left in em!!! The ppl around you should be happy ur wrking towards and end goal even if it isn’t the one they would have chose for you, at least you’ll be 1 less deppressed ballding middle aged man, having an affair with his secretary (that involves elaborate role play) in order to find excitment!!! a blog worth following, Part 2 please??!

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