Thesefries Are Jolly


"i dunno what you want for Chri...Christmas little girl? All I know is that IIIIIIIIII need some Tacooooooooooos!"

“i dunno what you want for Chri…Christmas little girl? All I know is that IIIIIIIIII need some Tacooooooooooos!”

** FILE ** A drunk man dressed as Santa Claus sleeps on an underground train in Moscow in this Jan. 1, 2006 file photo. In a country renowned for hard drinking, most people aren’t surprised to hear that 42,000 people die from counterfeit alcohol in Russia each year. But recent poisonings have grabbed unusual attention in a nation where many are numb to the problem of alcoholism. The cases have dominated news reports and Cabinet meetings, fueling debate about a malaise that has helped lower Russia’s average life expectancy rate to 66, 14 years shorter than the European Union average. (AP Photo/Dmitry Beliakov)

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