Thesefries Are Jolly

Well boys and girls, Christmas is right around the corner! I know this because Starbucks has stopped serving pumpkin stuff and broke out the peppermint stuff! Here is a gallery to get you into the Christmas spirit.

“I'm just saying you both asked for a Barbie last year! Broaden your horizons!”

“Honey, I asked you to cut down a tree…not one of the neighbor's bushes.”

“'Tis the season to half-ass it…”

“…Fa la la, la la, la la, fuck it.”

“I dunno what you want for Chri…Christmas little girl? All I know is that Santa needs some Tacooooooooooos!”

“It's Simon's birthday?!” -Paula Abdul drunk on church wine somewhere

I can't tell if that's Santa, or the guy who played Smee in 'Hook'.

“Well…the kids are traumatized, but at least I don't have to put out those damn decorations this year.”

“I hate this job, I hate this job, I hate this job, heyyyyyyyyy kidos!”

“You want what? What is a Korn CD?”

“Bill is such a dick.”

“So that is where Rudolph came from.”

“Your kid just took a leak on me, post the damn thing to Facebook and get the hell out of here.”

“Why can't this play for 24 hours on TBS?”

Kevin was a part of the worst employee White Elephant gift exchange in the history of Grove City's Best Buy.


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