The Weirdest Wedding’s You Weren’t Invited To

I heard on the radio the other day that a couple was married while eating at a Denny’s in Las Vegas. This is insane, and amazing, considering the fact that I can’t even get my waitress’s attention while eating at Denny’s right now. I’m sure the happy couple’s nuptials were full of undercooked pancakes and weird pictures that they won’t remember, so here are a few other weird wedding photos that will…alright I know that is our order sitting there on the counter. It’s just getting cold! Damnit, we should’ve gone to IHOP. Anyway, here you go.

“It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen…but the spread was pretty decent. Yea, crab cakes.”

“We’re going to take the pictures after! I want this to be a traditional wedding! Call me old fasioned.”

“Tim Burton’s coming right? You said he would be here!”

“It’s a trap!”

I’m sure you’re saving money, but are you REALLY living better?

“Honey, I thought you left the construction company?” “Well…I did but, now remember how BEAUTIFUL I think you are, we couldn’t fit in a limo for normal people…”

“What the F?! We kissed! Why aren’t you hot?!”

“I don’t want to make a fuss…I just want a small, simple wedding…”

“I freakin’ love you!” “I freakin’ love you back! How are we going to get down?”

“I’m your new daddy now…”

I don’t even feel bad her. If she didn’t want fornicating stray dogs surrounding her wedding, she should’ve shelled out the extra cash for Event Room C at the Ritz!

2 Responses to The Weirdest Wedding’s You Weren’t Invited To

  1. Chris Camarillo says:

    Another example of extraneous punctuation. “Wedding’s”?

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