The Best of Day Time Talk Show Freeze Frames

I’ve been at home for some time recovering from a foot surgery, so naturally I have spent a significant amount of time on the couch, in front of the TV.  I’ve always thought daytime programming was absolute crap, and it is, except if you dig deep enough in a pile of dog shit, you may eventually find the car keys your dog ate a few days ago.  That is kind of what day time talk shows are like.  So with that pleasant image in mind I present to you more pleasant images from day time talk shows.


FCC worker: "Holy crap does that woman have her bra on backwards?! Oh no wait...those are back boobs. Maybe blur them out anyway..."


"It really isn't that much of a "Mystery". You give me money, I buy Crystal Meth."





"Okay, Steve, I know you're an intern here, but today we don't need you to make coffee. We have another project we'd like you to be a part of."

"You know's not THAT bad."

"Well if it's on Facebook... Wait how many 'Likes' did it get?"

"Wait a second...can lap dances get you pregnant?!"

"I better not hear a word, you said I could borrow this!"


"It's like Oedipus, only grosser."

"I would break them up but it's adorable!"


It's always an awesome day time talk show freeze frame when it looks like it's a Frank Caliendo skit.

In a Daytime Talk Show first, they both were relieved to find out that neither one were the parents.

I just had a nightmare while I was awake...

That is good running form. It just is.

Regis to himself: "I can't wait to retire..."

"Really?! And just from wearing the Shape-Ups?"

"Are you shure there isn't ANY other reason she doesn't want to be around?"

"Oh! In that case, we cool."

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