Should I Hate You Because Your Mommy And Daddy Are Famous? A Discussion Of Nepotism In Hollywood.

My wife and I are addicted to the HBO show “Game Of Thrones,” which, to describe simplistically for the purposes of this, takes place in sort of an alternate medieval times, and when the King of the realm dies his son takes over the thrown.  And his son is a total asshole.  Last episode he forced one hooker to beat the hell out of another hooker with a bat that had what looked like an Emmy award on the end of it.

There probably are a good number of people who have won one of these that use it to beat hookers.

And it wasn’t even some weird move where he needed to see hooker-fighting to get a boner.  He was just being a dick.

And while watching the aforementioned hooker-beating scene, my wife turned to me and said “That piece of shit doesn’t deserve to be King.”  Now, the reason this little asshole is King is because of nepotism. Son of the King is heir to the throne.  Unfair, but just the law of the land.

Immediately after watching Game of Thrones, we popped on another HBO show; “Girls.”   After it was over, my wife turned to me and said “I really like that show.”

“Me, too,” I replied.

“I saw this thing on facebook where people were getting pissed off because all the girls on the show are daughters of famous people,” she said.

There is a lot of crappy television out there.  I know, I’ve been responsible for some of it.  It’s really, REALLY hard to make a good TV show.  It rarely ever happens.  I see super talented people try every year and fail.  So when it does happen, it means whoever is responsible creatively for that show is a bad ass motherfucker.  I’ve seen two episodes of Girls, and obviously it’s subjective, but I found that show to be incredibly good.  And I could look around my house all day and not find a fuck to give about the subject matter of twenty-something entitled hipsters living in New York, man or woman.  But I now find myself with BASKETS FULL OF FUCKS TO GIVE about the characters in “Girls.”

Does Hannah have an STD? Why doesn't she understand her boyfriend is a douche? So, so many fucks to give.

And so when people point out that they believe nepotism is the reason the show is on the air, or is responsible for actresses in the show, the very FIRST thing I think is “Who cares?  The show is really good, so the people on that show deserve to be on it, and the people who make it deserve to be making it, for no other reason that it’s WORKING.”  They made a good TV show.  I like watching good TV shows.     I don’t give a shit how they came about or which vagina birthed the parties involved, as long as the product is good.  Lena Dunham and the actresses on that show are SUUUUUUPER good at their jobs. If they weren’t, people would hate the show, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

The second thing I think is “people who say the show is on the air because of nepotism do no understand how TV shows get on the air.”  HBO is like the prettiest girl at your high school who also happens to have INCREDIBLY high self-esteem.  She is not going to fuck you because she wants to do you a favor.

"Oh, you're Steve, the star quarterback's brother? Okay, well, in that case I'll fuck you, I guess." NOPE NOT HOW IT WORKS.

If people don’t like the show, then the show won’t stay on the air.  HBO is a really successful network.  They didn’t get to be that way by going “Hmmm, you know what, we have this really awesome show we want to put on the air, but UNFORTUNATELY we’re going to have to put this show on the air that has a bunch of relatives of successful and famous people in it.  Tough break for us.”  SHIT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Do the children of famous people get opportunities the rest of us don’t get?  Yes, definitely.  But people get opportunities due to shit much more infuriating than that. Case in point; WRITING DOWN SHIT YOUR DAD SAYS.

Nepotism is a fact of life.  People like helping out their family members.  It’s basic evolution.  You give food to your kids before you give it to somebody you don’t know.  It’s why one group of shit hurling monkeys died out, and the other evolved in to humans. When nepotism becomes problematic to me, is not when it produces a really enjoyable television show.  It’s when it ends with a guy forcing two hookers to beat the shit out of each other.


4 Responses to Should I Hate You Because Your Mommy And Daddy Are Famous? A Discussion Of Nepotism In Hollywood.

  1. B.Ling says:

    Well, we have a lot of jealous souls out there that rather not have an entertaining television show if they can’t be involved and profiting off of it. Apparently enjoying the show by watching it isn’t enough. Too much reality TV and seeing normal schmucks get famous off of nothing. Why can’t that be me dammit! I want to be on that island and get TV time! I don’t care how much uncomfortable sand gets on my balls or cooter.

  2. Vince Mancini says:

    The nepotism charge might make sense if I knew who the fuck Lena Dunham’s “famous artist” mom even was. People in entertainment could not give less of a fuck about academia or the art world.

  3. To be fair, I hated the shit out of the pilot before I knew any of those girls had famous parents. I don’t need HBO to watch two gross people have horrible sex on a couch.

  4. Annie says:

    I concur. That show is badass, and Lena Dunham frightens me with her talent. People will find anything to be bitchy about. It’s easier than being generous, or worse, admitting someone happens to be hardworking and brilliant. There must be more to it!

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