Saving Music, One Collaboration at a Time

I was in my car the other day and heard the DJ say, “Alriiiiiiight here’s that HOT new hit from Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa ‘Payphone’!”  First of all, let me just say that if a song is played on the same station 105 times a day, for like three weeks, it’s not that new.  Second, hearing the band ‘Maroon 5′ and ‘Wiz Khalifa’ mentioned together is absolutely hilarious.  It got me thinking, what are some other unlikely musical pairings are possibly out there that would make your local radio DJ say something like: “Oh daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!  Here’s that hot new joint that got ALL the ladies going crazy on the dance floor!” (I’ve actually heard a radio personality say this before…)

Adele and DMX


Adele is hot right now.  Everyone loves her music, but she has a bad ass side to her that is just BEGGING to come out.  That is why a rap/ballad with rapper DMX would be perfect.  Imagining the music video:

Enter Adele in a beautiful black gown.  Singing softly as pure rain sprinkles down.  Enter DMX with two forties of Miller High Life.  He gets shot. It doesn’t faze him AT ALL,  and then they lay into a SICK freestyle about fighting Pit Bulls and smacking hookers with their ring hands.

The Prince of Darkness and Brittney Spears


I’m surprised that this hasn’t happened yet to be honest.  I miss the CRAZY Brittney.  The one who shaved her head, attacked a car with an umbrella, and flashed her downstairs to America via TMZ.  Let’s get her and Ozzy off the wagon of health and back onto the wagon of great TV and mediocre music!

Kelly Clarkson and the Tupac hologram


Aside from Kelly Clarkson’s obvious new found love for Oreo Cakesters, the girl’s got pipes!  ”Since You’ve Been Gone,” is probably the gayest song that I’m not ashamed to love.  It’s title is also perfect for Tupac’s creepy/innovative/still pretty creepy corpse hologram to enter during a live Kelly & Tupac concert!  Then the two can come out with a fitness DVD.  WEST SAHYEEEEED!

Joe Jonas and Lil Wayne


The best thing about this pairing is that…it already happened.  Seriously.  The song is called “Just in Love”.  Listen to it, but have two forks on hand to jam into your ears.  What do you think a conversation between these two was like?

Joe: “Hey Wayne, nice to meet you! I’m such an oober doober fan of yours!”

Weezy:  ”Who are you? Where am I?  And where’s my purple drank?”

And finally…Taylor Swift and Dr. Dre


When I hear Taylor Swift on the radio I immediately think, “You know what’s missing here?  An enormous terrifying black man!”  I feel like Dre could really bring T-Swift some serious street-cred.  I mainly just want this to happen so I can hear country radio stations try to describe what the hell this is to their listeners before playing it.

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  1. warthog says:

    I think you’re confusing Lil’ Wayne with Lil’ Jon….

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