Rick Santorum’s Gmail Inbox

Rick Santorum is rising in the polls so we decided to take a look at what his gmail inbox looks like.


3 Responses to Rick Santorum’s Gmail Inbox

  1. Andy Wallace says:

    Heh…. Mitt converting… heh, heh..

  2. Jo Mom says:

    So uh, GTFO already has “out” in it.

  3. tom baideme says:

    homosexuality is the seperation of church returning to our pagin roots. doesn’t gay marriage smack the same as aliens marrying locals to get the same benifits of a green card? gays and lesbiens don’t bare their crosses they float them on the batismal waters and LIE on them and SON themselfs. why not Lifetime Alterative Partnership license, with the same benifits for taxes, estates, insurence,and medical directives. their sins are not honoring their fathers and mothers. bareing false witness. coveting thy neighbors ass and male servent and female servents. God said be fruitful and multiply not fruitlike and poke fun at each other.