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Plies is a rapper most famous for his 2009 hit song “Becky” which is basically a four minute ballad about falatio. Until verry recently, I had not heard much from this artist, until I started following him on twitter. I feel that Plies’ brilliance  simply can not be confined to 140 characters, so please follow me, as I delve into the mind of this modern day Socrates. This is the first installment of: Plies Tweets.

On March 1, 2012, around 10:20 am, it appears that Plies has found himself in the midst of some sort of conondrum, leaving him no other option but to tweet: “My understanding is ZERO…”

Plies wanted to make it clear that whatever occured that morning did not leave him with a simple MIS-understanding, but that his understanding was, and I quote the man himself, “ZERO”. Nada, nil, nix, blank, zip, and zot are some other synonyms.

As we all know, there is much more to Plies than meets the eye. Perhaps he was not merely refering to one incident, but rather, the notion of understanding humanity’s ever changing predicament…?  Perhaps all of our understanding is  ”ZERO”.

Until next time, friends, always live your life with Plies simple motto:

“I got ‘bought 80 stacks in my pockets right now bruh bruh.”

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  1. Charles van Bassen says:

    No flies on Plies.

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