Plies Tweets

Plies is a rapper most famous for his 2009 hit song “Becky” which is basically a four minute ballad about fellatio. Until very recently, I had not heard much from this artist, until I started following him on twitter. I feel that Plies’ brilliance  simply can not be confined to 140 characters, so please follow me, as I delve into the mind of this modern day Socrates. Here is the most recent installment of, Plies Tweets.

This recent statement from our dear friend Plies shows his indifference towards the Algebra II class that he had to take in high school. As you all know, Plies is very gifted in his rhymes and flows about bitches, so naturally he had very high marks in high school English. His 11th grade English teacher Mrs. Ashton actually called him, “The e.e. cummings of our generation.”

He also received very high marks in History. In fact, his song “Goons Lurkin” is actually an allusion to the trench warfare fighting technique that was highly utilized during World War I.

But dear Plies just was not a fan of Algebra II. It's been reported that he would often ask his teacher, “Why we need this shit doeee?” as he did not feel that it was pertinent to a lucrative career in the rap game. Luckily for us, it was not.

Until next time folks, always live your life by this simple Plies motto:

“Asked her what da problem. She said your fuckin' awesome.”


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