Plies Tweets

Plies is a rapper most famous for his 2009 hit song “Becky” which is basically a four minute ballad about falatio. Until verry recently, I had not heard much from this artist, until I started following him on twitter. I feel that Plies' brilliance  simply can not be confined to 140 characters, so please follow me, as I delve into the mind of this modern day Socrates. Here is the most recent installment of, Plies Tweets. 

Ahh, a true gem we are given today is not actually an original “Plies”. Today, our hero is actually quoting the famous line uttered by our nation's third President, Thomas Jefferson.

The history books will tell you that Jefferson was persuaded by John Adams to write the Declaration of Independence, but this is complete malarkey. In fact, the 13 colonies actually had no qualms with their rulers in England. It was Jefferson who dropped some “Exclusive Shit” all up on everybody on July 4th, 1776. It wasn't until after reading his work, his homies were like, “Yea, that fool King Geezy be straight trippin'!” They then all decided to sign and grab their gats.

So there you have it folks, Plies is quite the historian, graduating from Yale with a Masters in History. Perhaps we should all strive to be more like Plies and immerse ourselves in the facts.

Happy 4th of July and until next time friends, always live your life by this simple Plies motto:

“This the first time I ever thought 'bout robbin' myself bruh bruh.”


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