Misinterpreted Warning Signs

It’s very important to pay attention to warning signs. Read them thoroughly, and abide by their rules. However, here are a few signs that could be misinterpreted. 

“If you drop your iPhone, dive after that shit! Those are expensive and you don’t have a warranty!”

“When walking your Scottish Terrier, pick up any giant bushels of grapes you stumble upon. They’re free!”

“Free Quaker Hats!”

“If you fall, be sure to do it with jazz hands!”

“Your husband will leave your baby in a McDonald’s bathroom.”

“Make your wife go first to make sure it is safe to cross!”

“Practice playing the triangle while you shower!”

“Free giant doughnut rides! But wait your turn please!”

“This is where giants go cliff jumping!”

“Flight attendants do not care that your seat is ‘right there’. You have to wait until they give everyone their Diet Ginger Ale before you can return to your seat sir, or you will be run over by the drink cart.”

“If you miss the train, it’s OK to jump on the back as it speeds off! Don’t be late for work!”

“You’re never too old to enjoy a slide!”


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