If Major League Baseball Team Names Were Honest – American League

A few months ago, my friend Brian Huntington and I fired up the photoshop machine and attempted to give NFL teams honest names.  So, in an effort to piss off even more fans, we decided to do the same for all of major league baseball.  Today we’ll show you the American League.  Tomorrow we’ll give you the NL.  (All good photoshop work was done by Brian.)

Let it be known that I’m a San Diego Padres fan, and just yesterday on the radio their general manager said the phrase “We’re going to need big things out of Orlando Hudson if we’re going to be successful,” so this was probably prompted by the bitterness associated with rooting for a horrific garbage pile of a franchise.  Anyhoo, enjoy!


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6 Responses to If Major League Baseball Team Names Were Honest – American League

  1. The Toronto one is perfect. Nice work, guys.

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  4. My brother is gonna killy you says:

    …. if he ever saw this. He has tons of Baltimore hope right now.

  5. Lindsay says:

    I have to agree 100% with the Toronto one. Brilliant!

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