Horrible Tattoos

A friend came to me the other day and said, “Hey take a look at this drawing my girlfriend made.”  It was an angry octopus climbing out of the water onto the beach with a menacing storm approaching behind it.  He then said that he was thinking of getting THE WHOLE THING tattooed on his body somewhere.  I can not wait for that day to come, but until then, here are some other tattoos that people have mistakenly decided to put on their bodies forever. 

"I wanted y'all to know that sometimes I get woozy and need a granola bar, but I could still fuck you up!"


"This will always be funny, right? Right? Fuck you, Steve, this will ALWAYS be funny."


"Yes I get it but please put your shoes back on sir, you're in an Olive Garden."


"So then it just hit me one day, my belly button looks like a cat's asshole. So I hopped in my car..."


"So I want a picture of screaming Jesus, but could you make him look like Nicolas Cage?"

Here's how amazing this tattoo is; you didn't even NOTICE the tattoo on his head that says "fuck u." That is an amazing tattoo.


I guess Everybody doesn't love Raymond.


"I don't know man, I feel like the soul patch is going to date it."


"I let my nephew draw it, how'd it come out?"


"I heard chicks dig guys with tattoos."


We've let the terrorists win.


"What? The Jets? Fuck me."

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