Hey, Look, it’s the two worst people in the world!


Both of these girls would make AMAZING investment bankers.  I love how the second girls was just like “nah, fuck it, show my face.  I don’t need no picture scramblin’! I want people to know I’M ALL ABOUT MONEY.”  Also, if there were ever a better advertisement for Starbucks than this, I’d like to see it.  They robbed a nine year old girl scout and what’s the first thing they purchase?  GRANDE FRAPPACINO.  That would be awesome if this turns out to be a fake viral video for Starbucks.   VERY outside the box thinking by their ad agency.

10 Responses to Hey, Look, it’s the two worst people in the world!

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  2. Samoa Lover says:

    I’d still fuck the shit out of both of them. Even though I’m married. Sex is sex. Whatever.

    • Dingle Berry says:

      You are a winner.

    • John Doe says:

      Samoa lover,

      You’d probably fuck a monkey in the ass. That’s how AIDS started in Africa. Next,gays started doing it in each others asses and that’s what spread AIDS all over the world. You’d better believe that’s what happened! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. AIDS IS A GAY DISEASE, AFTER ALL. STOP ANAL SEX AND YOU’LL STOP THE SPREAD OF AIDS!

      • Matt Roussy says:

        That escalated quickly.

        John doe, I think he meant he’d fuck the shit out of them, not fuck the shit back into them.

        And, further, I think Samoa lover was using ironic hyperbole to draw attention to the girls’ lack of morality. Or he genuinely meant that he’d fuck the shit out of them. Whatever.

  3. Joe Gordon says:

    It says something about the state of our society when asscrumpets like these two hussies can go on camera and proudly say with ZERO sense of shame that they aren’t sorry for committing a felony, because if Kim Kardashian can get make a porn vid and not get shamed back to the goddamn stone age but somehow manage to leverage it in to a multi-million dollar career, surely these two hussies can do the same.

  4. Jesse says:

    the redhead looked better with her face scrambled than the other thing did without. hmm. nature.

  5. ann says:

    I’ve never heard a man compliment a woman on her morals but rather seem to hold up physical beauty as the most important aspect. So while you’re talking about how you’d like to bang them and how they’re hot and how DARE they – let me ask. Ogled any women lately?

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