Guys Who Suck At Girls

There are two types of men on planet earth, those who suck at girls, and those who don’t.  I will admit that I am a member of the unfortunate species who suck at girls. I am also member of a small part of society that needed head gear, which probably isn’t helping my case.  Either way, it is nice to know that there are other guys out there who suck, or have sucked at girls.  Justin Halpern is one of those guys, and he was kind enough to write down an anthology of the early sucking at girls stage of his life in a book called I Suck at Girls, due out this May.  This in no way is a plug for that book…okay it is.  Anyway, here are some more guys that suck at girls:

I like that this guy has decided to respond to his boner by being angry, not embarrassed. "FUCK YOU BONER."


"Trust me dude it is way better going with this spelling of 'come'."

"I'm so glad I bought this shirt..."


"Hmmm, let's take another one. This one turned out weird."



"...I actually am happy to see you..."


"I have to go to the bathroom...NOW!"


"Does this mean I get to see you naked?"


"Don't worry, I'm big where it counts." "No you're not." No... No I'm not."

"It's one thing to suck at girls, but it's gotta be even worse to get arrested on top of that."


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