Dogs Takin a Dump in The Background of Pictures

I hate taking pictures.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  I hate people who take my picture.  There’s something about someone who demands you instantly stop what you’re doing and shouts directions at you that feels very North Korea-ish.  That is why I appreciate a good photo bomb, as it ruins the work of the aforementioned asshole.  Anyway, you’ve seen lots of photobomb galleries, and though I love them, I thought I’d promote a different kind of photobombing I love more.  I present to you: Dogs Taking a Dump in The Background of Pictures.

Nothing says USA like a stars and stripes bikini AND a dog taking a shit. I feel as if it were one or the other, it would feel incomplete.

"Nah don't worry, he'll be fine in there. We are only running in for a second."

I know this isn't technically "in the background," but I just wanted to point out, letting your animal shit on the floor of an airport is the last step before the world devolves in to chaos.

"I usually have to go around the 7th inning stretch too..."

I'd like to think right after this picture was taken the dog hopped off the other dog and said "I'm just fucking with you guys, take the picture."

"Girls you look SOOO beautiful, but lets take one more, just for the hell of it."

"Ironically, she is going to feel like dog shit in the morning."

I actually find that car in the background to be more upsetting.


"Remember that trip mom and dad made us take to the beach when it was so cold we still had to wear a winter coat?" "Yea, that was shitty."



"This is one for the wedding invitation!"




One Response to Dogs Takin a Dump in The Background of Pictures

  1. Jeremy says:

    Dude in the bottom pic looks short-bus worthy. It’s either he’s over-chicked or that’s a relative…

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