7-11 Seal's Our Fate

“Can you put $30 on pump 4, I'll take a pack of Malboro's, and…a cup of steamy hot mashed potatoes.”

I think we've gotten to the point where everything in 7-11 now is dispensed via something that looks like an asshole shitting.  I'm not sure if this is glorious or absolutely disgusting.  I  really wish I was able to sit in on the meeting for this contraption.  ”Well, let's see here, people love mashed potatoes, but I feel like it's a big pain in the ass to grab a spoon and scoop some in to a cup.  I guess it's just a dream that will never come to fruition.  WAIT A MINUTE.”


One Response to 7-11 Seal's Our Fate

  1. TechoRedneck
    And we thought Steve Jobs was the man.