16 pictures of Animals painted to be other animals


If you don’t wanna pet that Panda-Dog real bad, you got a SCREW LOOSE SON!

Look.  I’ve seen enough dogs.  I know what a regular elephant looks like.   I know what a regular tiger looks like.   …LET’S START MASHIN’ ‘EM UP!!

Some people are gonna say “Ahhh…How sad! You shouldn’t paint your dog!”

But please don’t listen to them. Please paint your dog.  It makes for a more interesting world and people might finally think twice about giving their poor puppy to the pound once it has turned into a boring-ass “normal adult dog” if only they had the option to convert it into a dragon or a condor.

...or a cheeto.






Not painted. Just shaved. It's a bear. Some people think he looks evil. I don't really see that.



This one's not done yet. It's gonna be a mountain lion.


I don't know. ...I guess a parrot or some shit.


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  2. Dionne says:

    This is awesome

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