10 pictures of creative helmets

Made from 100% post consumer materials.


Kids these days think they are invincible, like Robocop or Kevin Costner, but the truth is 80 percent of our brains are made up of thinker cells, thats how we formulate ideas. This fact makes it clear that cranial trauma prevention is extremely important.  Any helmet is better than nothing, just because you can’t afford a Coco Chanel chinchila lined helmet or one made from fancy space grade alloys doesn’t mean you should forget about the safety of your brain. Try a bucket or maybe duck tape some hotdog buns to your head.

…You can always improvise.


“I know we just past Rally’s Ted!, I can still smell the curly fries god dammit!”



Cops are among the greatest of thinkers, this is why we have to take extra precaution when protecting their brains.



“Thanks man! it came with a free gallon of potato salad too!”



Punky Bruster rides again!!!



“Dude I promise I won’t be mad, just admit that you ate my fucking carmel corn before you used the box… … BULLSHIT. It was not empty!.. Gramma doesnt like popcorn it gets stuck in her dentures!”



“Dude, I told you these blind dates never work… They said to meet them exactly right here”



If your helmet weighs half your body weight, then your less likely to get thrown off your bike when you hit something… Smart, this is straight out of the DMV handbook.



“Hmmm… what if I paint my car to look like a limo.. ..Whoa! this thing really works!”



“In the name of little caesar!!.. ..BRING BACK CRAZY BREAD!!!”




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